WFMU DJ’s Most Played Tracks

These are playlists featuring songs played more than once by the WFMU DJ on their show. This isn’t meant to serve as an overview to certain WFMU DJ songs and styles.

Currently this is only featuring Spotify playlists, and therefore only includes songs available on Spotify, I hope to expand this to include other services shortly.

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Irwin Chusid
The Evan Funk Davies Show
Diane’s Kamikaze Fun Machine
Marty McSorley
This Is The Modern World with Trouble
Strength Through Failure with Fabio
Wake with Clay Pigeon
Scott Williams
Coffee Break For Heroes & Villains with Noah
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
Busy Doing Nothing with Charlie
Sinner’s Crossroads with Kevin Nutt
Dark Night of the Soul with Julie
Liz Berg
Professor Dum Dum’s Lab
Irene Trudel
Matt Fiveash
Do or DIY with People Like Us
Nickel and Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
Duane Train
Todd-o-phonic Todd
Brian Turner
Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza
Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam
Nazario Scenario
Reggae Schoolroom with Jeff Sarge
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton
The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon
Zzzzzzero Hour with Bill Mac
Sound and Safe with Trent
Pat Duncan
The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow
The Long Rally with Scott McDowell
Beastin’ The Airwaves! with Keili
World of Echo with Dave Mandl 
JA in the AM with John Allen
Airborne Event
Underwater Theme Park with Meghan
Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael
Tony Coulter
Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky
Distort Jersey City with Reed Dunlea
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
Surface Noise with Joe McGasko
Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan
100% Whatever with Mary Wing
The Pounding System with Clay
Ted Barron
DA the DJ’s Ichibunny Robot
Gaylord Fields
The Goddamn Dave Hill Show
What’s Happening with Matt Clarke
The Avant Ghetto with Jeff Conklin
Garbage Time with Matt Warwick
Talk’s Cheap with Jason Sigal
Day For Night with Maria Levitsky
Dance With Me Stanley with Stashu
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
A440 Stochastic Hit Parade with Bethany Ryker
Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves
Minor Music with Jesse Krakow
Mike Van Laar
If You Lose Your Horse with Sam Segal
Fringe Factory with DJ Vikki V
Pseu’s Thing With A Hook
Neighbors Noise with Jesse Kaminsky
Mint Condition with Jantine B
Hello Children with Faye
Inner Ear Detour with David
Marc Grobman
Champ Sound with DJ Guy
Vocal Fry with Dan Bodah
Choking On Cufflinks with Michael Goodstein
The Whig Out with Glynis GirlGroupGirl and Richard W
Optical Sound with Mike Sin
Noise and Syrup with Jeff M
Vortex of Chaos with Bill Zebub