Genre Playlists

Playlists I’ve personally put together. I update at least one of these every day.

Genre Focused Playlists


Old Rock

A random assortment of older Rock songs (pre 85 lets say)

Exceptional Blues Really great electric blues tracks. Anything from chicago blues to extended jams to more modern blues oriented rock.


Hard(er) rock music

party rock

Classic rock I like to play at parties.

Endless Summer

My Grateful Dead and The Band playlist


I like Dylan, here’s some tracks of his I enjoy

Rap and Hip Hop

Hip Hop and Rap Classics

All-time classic rap and hip hop tracks

hip hop

A tribe called quest and beyond

Excursions in Rap

Raw and aggressive true rap, most is probably older

Excursions in rap ladies edition (w/ a bit of R&B)

Female friendly “rap” songs. Definitely some R&B stuff mixed in here.

Insturmental Hip Hop Beats

Instrumental productions I’ve heard. Not all of these are classical hip hop beats but I can see them working in that setting.

Mixtape picks

Nu-rap. This started as songs I heard when I would listen to mixtapes on soundcloud. Then it kind of turned into “trap” tracks when that was still an up and coming thing. Now it’s really just the new-school rap stuff that’s happening.

Electronic Music

haus musik

My catch-all electro playlist. Includes generally upbeat IDM, EDM, lofi house, electro

Electro Classics

Classic tracks made through electronic means


In Brian Eno’s words: music that can be actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener

Cerberal electro

Electronic music with a beat and freeform structure. Good stuff like Four tet will be here.

Deep House

Electronic music with soul and samples heavily from true instruments (think jazzy). Artists associated with Detroit Techno will be here. I’ve also included newer artists that bring to mind small dark clubs and lofi productions, I believe theres a commonality.


Electronic music with a thump that has a dance / pumped up vibe. Not corny or bro-y edm but this is as close as I get to that.

pretty ok kids musick

Young, somewhat experimental electronic music that can feature intense textures, forward ideas or just clearly trendy stuff I’ve enjoyed.

vaporwave and such




Pop music that’s a little different. Bjork, Grimes, FKA Twigs and lots of little guys

Modern R&B

I raised on the radio and spent a lot of time listening to nu-school R&B. I’m thrilled the genre has grown into what it is now.

shit songs and guilty pleasures

pop songs, crappy rap, R&B anthems, whatever I like it


I love soca / dancehall vibes but find quality tracks are hard to find. Would love more if you know of any!



A very broad view of jazz. For a while I was including modern jazz tracks in here but as times gone on I’ve broken that out. I tend to prefer rhythm and melody, dislike big-band, enjoy some post-bop but the solos have to be great.

Hip ol jazz

Older jazz tracks that still sound fresh and cool. These typically have a rock/blues/groovy element incorporated within them.

Electric Miles

Miles electric period is the best music ever made

Modern Jazz

There has NEVER been a better time to be a jazz fan. Since fusion new musicians have created exciting and new takes on the possibilities of jazz. Here’s some music that maintains the jazz mind (free, explorartory, technical instrumentation) while incorporating modern approaches.

True R&B / Funk / Reggae

True R&B

Classic music. These are tracks from decades past that tend to have a great voice with tight swinging music. Genres include soul, funk, electric blues that grooves.


Mostly james brown and ‘pickin-bass’ funk


Reggae and heavily reggae influenced sounds. I’d love some more tracks if you have them.


Parlimanet means a lot to me and is their own genre when it comes down to it.