Miles Davis – A Tribute To Jack Johnson

★★★★★ = Classic, essential listening

Sounds like?

Rock and Jazz fusion


Groovin – the perfect miles record for rock fans


Perhaps the most 'rock’ record in the miles discography. Purists might disagree but I think this is an exemplar of rock and jazz fusion due to it's heavy rock lean and accessibility. The mixing is weird: no single tracks but rather two lengthy sides where thing's fade into the other, often forcing unfinished ideas to come together abruptly; almost like an impatient DJ. Anyhow the music:

Side 1 is the better example of the miles 'rock’ thing with a driving bass line and angular guitars propelling things forward. It’s an extended classic  70s rock jam with a groove.

Side 2 is where thing's get a bit more chilled out and experimental. The music wanders and isn't as focused. Still.. things are being worked out and it's fantastic music by any means. A highlight is the moment ‘in a silent way’ breaks through. Glorious!

I consider miles electric period one of the pinnacles of music and this is one of the best intros, especially for non-jazz fans.

Essential music.

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Miles Davis – A Tribute To Jack Johnson

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