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The music is an Americana blend of blues, country, gospel, and folk rock elements. This music is characterized by the purposeful use of simplified sounds to reflect the then-current vogue of blues and other roots music being used in many roots rock bands. Wray's guitar-work, composing, and vocals reflected modern rock influences.


A beautiful piece of Americana that's defined by it's rough passion and original roots rock sound


bluesy folk rock with a country twang. For years I only knew the guy for his earlier instrumental work but I'm happy I checked this later entry out. I took the description in the 'sounds like' description from Wikipedia as it's accurate but bizarre to read, almost clinical in its description. The draw here is the passionate and earthy grittiness found in timeless music of the era. The combination of those sounds produces something distinct and broadly appealing, it's original music that only the American landscape is capable of producing.

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Link Wray – Link Wray

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