Donald Byrd – Ethiopian Knights

★★★★★ = Classic, essential listening

Sounds like?

jazz with funk rock chops


Top notch jazz-funk


these are long cuts that give way to extended jams. Patience is rewarding:

'the emperor' is funky strum guitar and groovy picking bass line gives way to solos from xylophone and Byrd on trumpet. It's great.

'Jamie' is a brief chilled out piece in comparison, gospel like at times with the organ.

'Little rasti' brings back the groove where things are ever so slightly dirtier (think as if it were the late show at a jazz club as opposed to a cleaner early show on 'the emperor'). Things kick off with a drum solo and then get into a groovy set of solos this time include Wawa guitar, keys and of course a very confident Byrd.

I'm hard pressed to think of better funk rock jazz from this or any of the era. On par with Miles and a must for fans of the genre.

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Donald Byrd – Ethiopian Knights

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