Actress – Splazsh

★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening

Sounds like?

Accessible experimental electro


Deep dank dark club music


this isn't gunning for the dance floor but it would work really well in certain 'dance' settings. Thinking smoke machines, deep, rhythmic.

It conjures up bad sound systems with tracks that have this bloated bass like you're listening to a dj through the basement floor of a club. Maybe that's the point: It's club like music presented out of context, from far away. Detached as an observer. The whole thing feels hazy, like it's filtered through something. weed maybe… i dunno but there's a separation between the listener and the music.

He's pushing electronic music forward in his own way, I suspect this will age well. At 10 years it still sounds relevant.


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Actress – Splazsh

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