The Strokes – Is This It

★★★★★ = Classic, essential listening

Sounds like?

Modern guitar driven indie rock


A masterpiece of youth that captures the newfound excitement of urban independence


A simple masterpiece for two reasons:

Compositionally it's an album of quick chord driven indie tracks. Melodic, memorable, Danceable and remarkably varied; it works well in its entirety. Albert Hammond Junior is a competent guitarist whose style fits perfectly, loose and slightly technical, who seems to always sneak in the perfect crunchy solo.

Casablancas observant lyrics which perfectly capture a relatable time in life when you've come into your own independence and a 'is this it?' type of epiphany is made that's a mix of excitement and disappointment. I find 'Hard to explain' to be the precise moment in the record where this all boils over in emotion. He's in perfect form here.

A modern record with a Lou Reed vibe and post punk energy. Hasn't aged a bit and on relistens the strength of these songs is realized.

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The Strokes – Is This It

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