Self Esteem – Compliments Please

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

pop with production that incorporates string elements and theatrical idea


It's like the glee club geeks got stylized by mtv


Initially I enjoyed some moments of this but it felt uneven. Great harmonies, acapella-group-like, which is technically impressive. Productions feature mostly sexy beats and lyrics that are genuine and heartfelt. It's pop in many flavors: full on Acapella, dramatic seriousness that soars like a Broadway solo, and danceable club ready tracks. She sings with such confidence that's hard to deny. Definitely a natural talent as melody is offered at every turn with a well-thought out vision at play. This is not an amateur effort and clearly a project of someone who has experience as a songwriter (she was previously a member of the group slow club).

I'm gonna give this album credit for sticking with me throughout 2019 and improving on relistens. That aspect alone suggests there is something worthwhile for alt-pop fans to checkout.

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Self Esteem – Compliments Please

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