Michael Mayer – Immer

★★★★★ = Classic, essential listening

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Minimal house


One of the finest minimal house mixes ever is now on YouTube!


Michael Mayer's immer and fabric mixes were eye-opening to me in terms of what mix is capable of. Taken alone the tracks on Immer aren't anything special – bit of bounce here, bit of ambiance there – stitched together they become this incredible cohesive entity. The subtle shifts are perfectly timed and show a mastery of songwriting even when it's all borrowed sounds. I love the sparse emptiness of minimal, there's something so alienating yet comforting about it. Immer has a sound I can only describe as grey, like the weather in Berlin or the film tone in those Nordic crime dramas.

Mayer's skill here is largely reliant on his tasteful selection and vision for this mix which is executed perfectly. Kompakt is an impressive label but Immer is in a league of its own, forever indeed.

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Michael Mayer – Immer

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