Justin Brown – Nyeusi

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?
Modern spiritual jazz with a keen sense of rhythm and shimmering keys.

Stoner experimental

An enjoyable listen but requires a certain patience. The song structures typically follow a build from a quiet-calm and end in a fit of explosive energy. Justin Brown’s distinct approach to the drum kit (off rhythm, complex, technical) can feel distracting at times as if he’s just soloing letting everything else happen around him. It’s hard to feel the band jiving at those times and more reminiscent of a free-jazz album. Considering this my favorite tracks are Replenish are and Fyfo, an accessible pair indebted to hip hop.

It’s an interesting listen and something that deserves decent headphones or speakers that can separate the mix as it can be a lot to pick out at times. He’s pushing jazz forward in his own way and anyone curious about the contemporary scene should hear this.

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Justin Brown – Nyeusi

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