Jim-E Stack – Tell Me I Belong

★★★☆☆ = Good!

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Hip energetic electro


Variety is this albums appeal. Tracks rely on heavily repeated vocals and rhythmic bits to great effect, felt very inspired by the classic breakbeat aesthetic of the second track. ‘Reassuring’ utilizes a downpitched vocal sample, creating a bumping homage to early James Blake. His percussive sense comes out on the 2nd half in the form of an appealing rhythmic bounce.

This is good to great, accessible and catchy. I enjoy it just as much on repeat listens but wonder if the straightforward songwriting will holdup as an album or make these tracks more fit as singles for mixes.

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Jim-E Stack – Tell Me I Belong

Description: Album Review of Jim-E Stack – Tell Me I Belong

Rating: 3 out of 5