Locust Toybox – Drownscapes

★★★☆☆ = Good!

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ethereal ambient with bits of melody


Drifting through sentimental English countryside


At the end of the brainfeeder x compilation was a curious 'classical' soundtrack by a guy named locust toybox. Clicking through to his spotify profile he has an artist playlist called melodic aphex twin tracks; before even hearing a note it seemed like we shared similar tastes.

I was right, this album has some great ambient with tracks that maintain the wide open freeform of ambient while still incorporating melody and structure. These melodic moments give this an overall pleasantness. 'Saptiro' towards the middle changes things directly into left field electro territory, adding some hand drum rhythm. 'Unborn' is an album highlight, with a rousing choral sample and deep bass thump. Probably the most intense moment.

Overall the album is far too long, dragging toward the end. Still worth hearing as there are some gems.

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Locust Toybox – Drownscapes

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