Playboi Carti – Die Lit

★★★☆☆ = Good!

What’s it sound like?
Repetitive mumble raps ( I guess this is trap) over youthful production. It’s got that emo teen vibe uzi has – I really like the sound.

This is great. I don’t see the album having any lasting replayability but in 2018 it works. Feels like it’s a continued progression of the ‘not really saying anything’ lyricism but proves that content isn’t needed if it’s catchy. With that in mind this is a true reflection of the times and communication: the message doesn’t matter as long as it looks or sounds a certain way. He’s also got some impressive guest spots who adapt to his style and flow. I find this telling about his relevance as he’s pulling big names into his orbit.

I think the mistake someone could make is approaching this as a traditional rap album. His style is so drastically different than say illmatic that we need to see it as a purely aesthetic piece and consider it differently. In that way it succeeds massively. Creating something original that’s just throwing constant rhythmic hooks at you. It’s almost as if you’re listening to a warm-up session where they’re just feeling out the beat trying to flow, not working on the perfect verse. I see a lot of followers from this. He’s actually at his worse in the middle of the album when he’s speaking clearly.

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Playboi Carti – Die Lit

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Rating: 3 out of 5