Catfish And The Bottlemen – The Ride

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

stomping heart on your sleeve pop rock


captures the excitement and energy of a 20 something's life in the moment


it's a solid record overall. Bit 'one note' as far as songwriting goes, general pop rock fare. Songs are high energy, rousing and stomping. Lyrically he sings in a highly personal manner with details of relatable memories about failed relationships, getting drunk, and general adulthood confusion.

Sound like a lot of albums? I'd say where this delivers is on the genuineness of those moments and that it sounds exactly like a good night out on the Lower East Side of Manhattan feels: an exciting energy powered only by the moment.

It's fun if you live that or, if you're like me, a bit removed relive those memories for a bit. I imagine this band would be fantastic live.

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Catfish And The Bottlemen – The Ride

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