Snarky Puppy – Bring Us The Bright

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

Modern fusion big band


Compositional perfection


They are almost like modern day big band featuring a big ensemble playing music in an orchestrated fashion. It's fusion in the sense that they draw from so many influences (rock, funk, jam bands, classical) while still staying true to jazz. My only fault is also the biggest compliment: their compositions are fantastic but can have the rehearsed stuffiness at times; missing the loose rawness of jazz I'm typically drawn to. They are so tight but I prefer their live studio albums as it adds that looseness.

As for individual tracks:

'Celebrity' is a great track, love the albums Dre g-funk from the keys line to the wompy bass effects.

Has a nice flow, 'strawman's' mellow beginning is a good example of this, drawing from jambands with quick guitar work and Herbie funky keys.

'34 klezma' begins with a yiddish rhythm and rich strings and piano, it's decadent in a classical sense.

Can't go wrong with a snarky puppy release

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Snarky Puppy – Bring Us The Bright

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