Mariah – うたかたの日々/ Utakata No Hibi

★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening

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Experimental new wave rock


New age meets post punk in this highly accessible piece of experimental music


Yasuaki Shimizu was involved in some interesting music during the early 80's that has held up well to the test of time. Mariah is one of the better entries with easy to appreciate melodic elements and an overall positive energy.

His particular brand of experimental music has a similar sound – part worldly, new wave, post punk, krautrock's rhythmic chug – that weaves together in a rich sound.

'Hana ga saitara' borrows this energetic string bow pull, sounds like a ship and it's sort of disorienting. Lyrics here remind me a lot of some straightforward talking heads songs.

Something about this remains very "future", a forebear to vaporwave but so much larger. The result is magnificent and something that should be heard.

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Mariah – うたかたの日々/ Utakata No Hibi

Description: Album Review of Mariah – うたかたの日々/ Utakata No Hibi

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