Louis Cole – Live Sesh And Xtra Songs

★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening

Sounds like?

quick funky synth pop jazz


A distinct capture of Louis Cole's live magic


Louis Cole has some of my favorite musical moments on YouTube. He uses the "broadcast yourself" mentality in the best way. To get a sense check him out on YouTube with his solo project, the synth project knower or Jacob Mann big band.

Some of this set is on YouTube accompanied by a large horn section and backup singers. The unfriendly acoustics of the house this was recorded in give it a DIY quality. Usually I would dislike this as the levels are a little fucked up but here it adds charm. He's coming out swinging with a highly energetic set of songs that displays the 'fun' of his songs which can only be captured in a live setting as opposed to the studio where his tracks can feel awkward.

I realize none of this describes the sound, just gotta hear it.

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Louis Cole – Live Sesh And Xtra Songs

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