Sun Ra – Lanquidity

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

large lazy bluesy jazz


Sun Ra at his most groovy


This kicks off with a bore but picks up quick with 'Where pathways meet'; a swinging jazz track with elements of rock and blues that give it a pretty hip feel. It's got an appealing imperfection, it falls in and out of time as if it's of not much importance.

'That's how I feel' continues the vibe but things get a little sleepier. Rhodes solos take the place of the electric guitar and a nocturnal atmosphere sets in. There's some type of hand drum on these tracks and it sounds like they recorded it by putting the microphone in the drum to get this fantastic tone.

A groovy outing from one of the legends in avant-garde jazz.

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Sun Ra – Lanquidity

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