Mano Le Tough – Trails

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

Hip electro


Electro for cool haircut bros


Discogs calls this deep house, if it is it's a very pop friendly version of that if it is; call it radio friendly deep house. His production is top notch with a professional polish and rich sound. Tracks are often built around generic house beat but then he'll add production flourishes with borrowed acid synths and bass lines with a slight leftfield stutter. Songs run a little long and he takes his time opening them up, truthfully it feels at odds with the accessible vibe he's putting on. 'Trails' for instance has a strong celebratory feeling but it lingers too long at 6 minutes and it wants by the end.

Lyrically its weak. Feels forced like he's reaching for profound but it's lacking; I'd prefer a more personal approach.

Overall more bad than good with an impressive amount of consistency. I'm not sure this will be the sort of thing I continue to come back but we'll see.

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Mano Le Tough – Trails

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