The Japanese House – Good At Falling

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

Synth pop rock


Some incredibly catchy and well crafted pop music.


Another BJ Burton jammer, dude is on a seriously good streak at creating memorable pop. After many repeated listens the album is top heavy with good singles like 'maybe you're the reason' and 'you seemed so happy', the later borrows from jangly 80s pop in a good way. Production overall borrows from that big synthetic 80s drum sound. Amber Bain's voice, a lovely indie (re: imperfect) front girl, is produced in a way that could carry ships across seas; full and extending.

The album takes a deliberately quieter and personal midsection. Amber lazily singing lines like "everybody hates me" in true millennial fashion is juxtaposed with Giorgio moroder like synth lines.

Production gets decidedly more basic as the album unfolds with the final two tracks really just leaving her singing some slow songs. It's not my favorite but they are genuine and crafted with love.

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The Japanese House – Good At Falling

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