iZem – Hafa

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

Danceable global chilled out pop


A refreshing sun shower


Evidently this is the project of an electro producer though it doesn't feel like an electro record. The lead-off track is a jazzy pop thing I enjoy, not sure what language she's singing but it fits with the basic sax to set the exotic tone. 'Quiver' works with a detached feeling like Drake's music or certain portishead. The spacey 'kulala' is another standout, a swelling keys line and ping pong balls swirl around a peaceful vocal line.

This sits right on the border of the worldly music craze that's taken over pop production but iZem is on the interesting side, exploring the sound with organic instrumentation. It's as if this is an afro focused record that's been influenced by Drake, not vice versa. Vocalists aren't very distinct but I enjoy them, at least the language is varied. He's at his best with vocalists, not always an easy thing to do as a producer.

Meditative, transporting, fresh and enjoyable; recommended.

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iZem – Hafa

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