Christian Scott – Stretch Music

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Rhythmic contemporary jazz


Fresh Jazz


Surprised I'm just learning about this dude cause he's right up my alley. This album features contemporary compositions rooted in post bop, incorporating elements of hip hop and rock seamlessly. Other reviews applaud the drumming but I think the varied but always strong songwriting is the real standout: ‘twin’ a rhythmic post bop thing, ‘perspectives’ a quiet piece made engaging by a shimmering layer of keys is the perfect lead into the rocking ‘west of the west’ where rocking electric guitar cuts right through the calm. The later half of the album mellows into more traditional post bop carried by strong playing.

I wasn't left with much memory of his trumpet playing but I think that's a good thing as he thrives in versatility. Utilizing tasteful effects when appropriate or a bit of technical flexing in others. His solos are never imposing like certain bandleaders.

It's great and I'm looking forward to checking more out from him. In 2015 I was consumed by kamasi, this is equally as good as the epic.

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Christian Scott – Stretch Music

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