Neneh Cherry – Broken Politics

★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening

Sounds like?

alt pop with a production style that borrows from trip hop


Abstract introspection


This got a lot of play from me. I really enjoy the personalness of this album, feels like you're getting very close to neneh. Instrumentation seems to consist of a small band with piano and percussion (xylophone, maracas, marimba) featuring on a number of tracks. Trip hop, especially the ones that feature del naja, with dark electronics in certain places.

Tracks like synchronised devotion and poem daddy really contribute to the personal vibe with their slow poetic confessional delivery. She's at her best when she's really swinging for it with currents of trip hop like long and deep vein.

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Neneh Cherry – Broken Politics

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Rating: 4 out of 5