Drake – More Life: A Playlist By October Firm

★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening

Sounds like?

Drake's signature pop-rap and r&b with production that incorporates uk grime and dancehall


Mature and well traveled


I'm not a Drake fan. He does his thing, and I respect it, but it's too smooth and that drawl is tiring; I've never been able to make it through one of his albums in the past.

His production.. that's something else. Noah Shebib's dark, ambient production has been a major factor in Drake's success and fits his  'sad’ vibe perfectly.

On More Life we're treated to a great selection of tracks that show how he's pushed the incorporation of global dancehall into pop music. This sound had been straddling the breakout point for years but I credit Drake for pushing it over. He does so with a plethora of guests and features that works well in as an overall collection.

Best of all he's not always front and center so that drawl doesn't wear and you can appreciate his honest quality in appropriate doses.

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Drake – More Life: A Playlist By October Firm

Description: Album Review of Drake – More Life: A Playlist By October Firm

Rating: 4 out of 5