American Football – American Football

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

Golden age emo meets math rock


Songs I play when walking over to your place


Adds to the typical somber 'classic' emo format with well timed brass and tasteful/tight percussion. All of this additional instrumentation is good with songwriting that builds in a skillful way. I think it's a stretch to call this emo jazz as it's referenced on Wikipedia but it's distinct enough to call out.

‘Honestly’ is a great highlight showing the strengths of this album: mellow catchy introspection breaking into an extended jam type thing; letting emotion and tension playout in a natural way. You can feel the frustration and confusion of a breakup.

This type of genuineness is what drew me to emo initially and is captured beautifully here. Recommended for golden age emo fans who need something more than the pop-punk mold.

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American Football – American Football

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