King Midas Sound,Fennesz – Edition 1

★★★☆☆ = Good!

Sounds like?

trip hop, dub and ethereal electro ( both and neither ) with strings and noise


Feels like a slow sick day off work where your head is congested and words sounds like their filtered through a cotton ball. But you're warm and cozy with a comforter pulled up to your chin. Everything is bathed in bright white winter light so it's easy to see the dust floating around your room. The stillness is a welcome change of pace, might not be a perfect day but you know it'll pass.

~ Shadowy positiveness.


Reminds me of yo la tengo quiet moments. I can't imagine a whole lot of times when I'm going to put this on in the future but I enjoyed it. The tempo is slow, crawling at times, so this does requires a certain patience or mindset; it's a rewarding listen if you're in it however.

Lyrically tracks like ‘melt’ and ‘lighthouse’ capture a certain beauty in their directness. The production is beautiful, extremely well crafted with strings, ambient , bits of static noise for warmth (reminds me of burial).

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King Midas Sound,Fennesz – Edition 1

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