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Emperor Penguin – Extreme Gaming


★★☆☆☆ = Eh, fine What’s it sound like? Indie guitar/drums/keys trio makes record to mimic found sound sample album. Thoughts I’d skip this album and go for their other two,songs feel less finished then the debut. Beats are laid down just kinda hang without real direction, repeating until the tracks end. Gone are the funky […]

Emperor Penguin – Shatter The Illusion Of Integrity, Yeah


★★★☆☆ = Good! What’s it sound like? A band performing the format of an instrumental sample driven hip hop record. Styles range from funk to hip hop to rock Thoughts This is an interesting take on the usually tiresome instrumental beat album. At its best songs are gfunk funky and successfully creates a hazy stoner […]

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92


★★★★★ = Classic, essential listening What’s it sound like? Techno with a pleasant floating ambient element. Certain tracks utilize a drum machine for a dance vibe, others are extended and much more in the ambient realm relying on repetition to create feeling. Thoughts A masterpiece: this sounds great and is aphex twin at his most […]

Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven


★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening What’s it sound like? Avant garde electro Thoughts OPN has highly effective moments that will always keep me curious about his work. R plus seven is a great piece of work but it gets a little tiring at times (maddening loops, lots of nothing). Fans will recognize these […]

Ricky Eat Acid – Talk To You Soon


★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening What’s it sound like? A scatter of modern electro styles: trap, Blood Diamonds / Grimes art-electro, pensive piano bits, confessional lyrics. Thoughts Another good one from Ricky, this is the third album I’ve heard of his and I continue to be impressed by his catalog. The constant change […]

Call Super – Arpo


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Quality avant garde electro, exploring lots of striking textures, sounds, blips and bloops while still keeping some type of beat. Refreshing in this beatless, ‘post-club’ environment. More Info: Listen! Spotify: Youtube:

Daedelus – Denies The Day’s Demise


⭐⭐⭐ Daedelus is such an extraordinary talent that all of his catalog is worth a listen. I’m not always in the mood for his rapid fire production style but when I am I find there’s always something interesting to hear. Good tracks on days demise include viva vida and sama legrand. More Info: Listen! […]

Overmono – Arla III EP


⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is a combined review for Arla ep’s I, II and III which I think taken together make a great album. I’m not very good at classifying electronic music but this is quality UK electro like Jamie xx and Four Tet. Each of the EP’s compliments each other, wirth EP II incorporating manipulated vocal […]