Kneebody – Anti-Hero

★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening

Sounds like?
Rhythmic modern jazz with rock chops

This record is a very successful marriage of jazz and rock, listening notes:

* Like the drum player a lot here, uses the full range of his kit. Keys too, layers well.
* ‘Uprising’ is a good track, the 2nd half I could see extending into a tension building jam live.
* ‘Drum battle’ takes that and builds it into something a bit heavier.
* The sax player has great solos on drum battle and profar. Good use of distortion but otherwise the playing isn’t quite soulful enough.
* Album has a good flow. Almost has a classical like sway to it. Notes are long and melodic. I’d say this is where the ‘cool’ could be upped with this band..

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Kneebody – Anti-Hero

Description: Album Review of Kneebody – Anti-Hero

Rating: 4 out of 5


Yasuaki Shimizu – Kakashi


What’s it sound like?
Difficult to describe, I guess I’d call this experimental new wave jazz; compositionally close to modern classical.

It’s best to approach this with an open mind as it’s not really like anything else I’ve heard before. The album incorporates a number electro, pop, marimba, world, and dub moments and combines them into an engaging and exciting listen. I can see this album aging well as it rewards repeat listens with its layers and subtleties, even on my first few listens I found myself finding new things.

To me this is what the avant garde should be: exploring new ideas through familiar approaches.

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