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Grand River – Crescente


★★☆☆☆ = Eh, fine What’s it sound like? Modern intellectual compositional ambient like electro. Thoughts Well crafted with enjoyable moments but overall dull and drifting. More Info Listen! Youtube Spotify Schema Info Grand River – Crescente Description: Album Review of Grand River – Crescente Written by: stan Rating: 2 out of 5  

Emperor Penguin – Mysterious Pony


★★★☆☆ = Good! What’s it sound like? A record made by a band as if it’s collected from a bunch of older sampled vinyl. Thoughts Starts off with a good energy, drumlines a bit more aggressive and the additional layers now encompass not just keys and guitar but strings, flute, xylophone. Love the dre interlude […]

Various – Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991


★★★☆☆ = Good! What’s it sound like? A curiosity cabinet of sparse 80’s DIY-sounding pop. Styles range from folk to r&b and synth driven. Thoughts Inconsistent and dated at times but mostly good album. Interesting as it almost fills a gap in the music timeline as to how art-house was fully incorporated into pop. More […]

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92


★★★★★ = Classic, essential listening What’s it sound like? Techno with a pleasant floating ambient element. Certain tracks utilize a drum machine for a dance vibe, others are extended and much more in the ambient realm relying on repetition to create feeling. Thoughts A masterpiece: this sounds great and is aphex twin at his most […]

Sports – Modern Species


★★★☆☆ = Good! What’s it sound like? Reminds me of a more clubby version of the orb or 808 state. Thoughts Philip sherburne wrote the pitchfork review which covers things well ( ) Tracks cover a range of influences (trance, dub, breakbeat house). It has a club vibe but extended. This would play very […]

Labradford – E Luxo So


★★☆☆☆ = Eh, fine What’s it sound like? Post rock Thoughts Sparse, slow and boring. More Info Listen! Youtube Spotify

Labradford – Mi Media Naranja


★★★☆☆ = Good! What’s it sound like? Noirish post rock Thoughts The guitar has a certain Americana shimmer/reverb that really develops the texture here, creating a creepy David Lynch atmosphere. Each track tends to feature some background ambient noise like a slight rumble and a high pitched tone. Highly repetitive but with subtle changes that […]

Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven


★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening What’s it sound like? Avant garde electro Thoughts OPN has highly effective moments that will always keep me curious about his work. R plus seven is a great piece of work but it gets a little tiring at times (maddening loops, lots of nothing). Fans will recognize these […]

D.K. – Distant Images


★★☆☆☆ = Eh, fine What’s it sound like? Vaporwave like Thoughts It’s alright More Info Listen! Youtube Spotify

Jóhann Jóhannsson – Englabörn & Variations


★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening What’s it sound like? Small classical string ensemble with modern electronic elements. Thoughts Masterful… this might be a ‘5’ in time. Tracks typically unfold through repetition that’s effective at building tension. As it’s structured like a soundtrack this repetition becomes a drag at times. But the breaks from […]