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Tag Archives: 2014

Grand River – Wers


★★★☆☆ = Good! What’s it sound like? Hip sexy modern electro. Thoughts Good borderline generic electro. I like what’s she’s doing and has a good ear for a trendy accessible bounce here. Has a fun summer vibe. More Info Listen! Spotify Schema Info Grand River – Wers Description: Album Review of Grand River – […]

Esprit 空想 – Virtua​.​zip


★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening What’s it sound like? Vaporwave with a steady hip-hop, boom bap, backbeat. Thoughts Feels like vaporwave is going club which I enjoy. An accessible album with short songs that give it a mix like feel. Hard to call them songs at all, seems he figures out something that […]

Skipp Coon – Miles Garvey


★★★★☆ = Quality release and suggested listening What’s it sound like? Vicious militant protest raps Thoughts Skipp’s taking aim at inequality, both financial and racial. While his raps are good the beats are exceptional, some of my favorite recent productions. The songs are on the shorter side but it works well as an album, making […]

Greeen Linez – Izu King Street


⭐⭐⭐ Vaporwave inspired electro with a constant ‘house’ bump. This is probably their best and most accessible album so far. More Info: Listen! Spotify: Youtube: #VALUE!

Colin Vallon Trio – Le Vent


⭐⭐ Too somber and serious for my taste, I found it lacked any semblance of groove. That said an impressive ability is on display and I plan to check out the trios 2017 album which was well reviewed. More Info: Listen! Spotify: Youtube: #VALUE!