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Music focused site featuring reviews and playlist analysis projects.

Music Reviews

My personal brief reviews and listening notes of albums, included with each post is a rating on a scale of 1-5 where:

3+ positive

2- negative

These reviews and being collected in a larger catalog with the hope to write about everything I’ve ever listened to. In my lifetime music formats have gone from radio, to tapes, CDs, mp3s and now streaming. I believe streaming will be the format of choice for the foreseeable future. In this new era where there is nothing physical to “hold onto” I view opinions as the closest thing to collect. So far it’s pushed me to engage more with the music I listen to.

Currently there are multiple versions of this catalog:

All Reviews
Randomized graphical table view with links to individual albums.

Google sheet archive of all reviews.
A tumblr site with a chronological blog posting album reviews.

Data projects


Analysis of 80,000 playlists from a free-format radio station to determine the most popular albums, tracks, and artists played on the station.